Sharing happiness

I want to share my happiness with you… Its a piece I wrote a while ago. I give thanks to Heather Clancy who gave me the opportunity.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



Dissecting the root of being successful Part 1

This piece was inspired after I had a conversation with a close friend of mine. The things they said hit close to home and it really upset me and made me wonder.

Do you think family support influences ones success or ability to succeed? Keep that question in mind As you read this.

I am trying to understand the root of success so this is what I know about most successful people:

1. Hard workers/Smart workers
2. Goal Orientated
3. Persistent
4. Optimistic
5. Self belief (Confidence)

Let me expend on these 5 qualities.

1. Hard / Smart Workers.
There is a mouthful on this but we all know it. We’ve been drilled about working hard/smart in school so its no stranger to our territory.

2. Goal Orientated.
They know what they want. How to get it and are time bound. They ensure they see it through to the end even if the time elapses they will complete it.

3. Persistent.
We all know this one. No obstacle is too great for this being to overcome and achieve their goal. “No Retreat, No Surrender”.

4. Optimistic.
They approach a challenge with the a positive attitude. Nothing beats positive energy.

5. Self Belief.
This is the most important of them all. You cant do something if you don’t believe in your own abilities, I once read some where that “What you put into the universe is what you get back” so that means if you don’t believe in yourself why would some else do what you fail to do?
Self Belief also works hand in hand with Confidence, you cant have one without the other.

That’s my observation of the successful people that surround me. Again here’s the question: Do you think family support influences ones success or ability to succeed? Could there be other factors that influence ones success or ability to succeed? And if so, what are those?
Leave your comments below so we can further dissect the roots of success.

roandi @ her best!!!

Dear diary owner

a letter from a distressed diary to its owner.

Dear Owner

I regret to inform you that I am out of pages. Trust me when I say that I am relieved that I am out of pages, I’ve seen & read things no human could bare to hear and live another day to tell the tale.

Lets start with the first issue. You’ve never written a single happy moment, ever! I’ve only experienced rainy or stormy days, the worst was when you came home depressed. Man would I get an “inking“, get it? when humans are mad they give each other beatings, since I am a book, I get an inking. Sometimes you would throw me across the room, on the lighter side, it made me feel like I could fly but thee bad side is that I crash landed. To take you out of your curiosity I have a lame sense of humour, in this unpredictable industry one needs a sense of humour to be able to get by.

I’ve heard you singing along to sad songs as your tears dropped onto my clean beautiful pages and smudging ink all over. Sometimes you tore pages out or pressed onto the page so hard, if I were human I’d bleed. But I complain mostly of your bad singing, girl are you out of tune, you’re overqualified for wooden mic.

Look, I know its my job but I cant handle to be used in such a vulgar manner! I mean I know I was purchased at a particular price but the more you use me the more valuable i become because of the precious information I possess.

Anyway, my pages are finished and I have no good memory of us. So I advise you that please write all your emotions, good or bad. It will make things easier for you and your new diary.

With Love

If Monday was a part of the weekend

So everybody keeps complaining about Mondays, they even dubbed it “blue Monday” .  I mean honestly, even I am guilty of having a bad day on Monday and wished I could just sleep in.

Here’s a thought, what if Monday was part of the weekend? Tuesday would be the “new” Monday. You would dread waking up early to go to work after an epic weekend. And again it would be a blue Tuesday. Hmm where have I heard that description before, blue?  

If you think that’s bad news, I’ve got more for you. You would have shorter working days, meaning less working hours, meaning it’s time to kiss that 6digit monthly salary goodbye. Unless you work overtime.

Here’s the best part, we would hate Tuesday as much as we dreaded Monday, and began to wish, again, that Tuesday was another day of the weekend than we’d hate Wednesday and so forth. We would reach a point where, if wishes came true, we wouldn’t have any week left.

So here’s the problem, its not the days of the week that are “blue” but our ATTITUDES towards starting a new working week. Complaining about Monday isn’t going to make it go away. But if we have a major change in our perspective of Mondays, our lives would be so much easier. If you’re wondering why I say that than you haven’t taken a drive on a Monday morning at peak hours, they drive like maniacs

Embrace Mondays. Life wouldn’t be the same without our dearest blue Monday.



The heart that speaks

story of a talking heart.

Humans are weird creatures, believe me. For instance, my host roandi, she put me through hell and one day I decided to return the favor. But first let me tell you what she put me through…

She let go of the ones that loved her and loved those that left her. She loved the ones that loathed being with her and that made her weep and of cause it left me with pains, they call it a heart ache.

She loved the ones that never loved her back or loved the ones that weren’t interested. That’s when she started listening to all sorts of music but the one song was Out Of My Limit by 5 Seconds of Summer or 5SOS.

By now I was tired of all the silliness that I sent a message to her conscious that I was suffering, but it never took notice until one faithful day when a piece of me broke off. The agony! minutes later I saw roandi fall to her knees. A piece of me was relieved that finally she heard me, but was sad that it had to be so drastic.

Since that day, she never loved another. I’ve recovered fully but now I’m lonely, and she is miserable. Buried in her work and her novels. She barely goes out or meets up with friends. She has isolated herself from love because I was tired of being a punching bag.

Because of me, she has given up on love. Because of me, she wont have the butterfly feeling. Because of the heart that spoke. Because of me my host is suffering.

A story of a lonely talking heart…



My first ever movie “review”

A Thousand words starring Eddie Murphy.

Its a fantastic movie with a great plot and actors. Taking an actor (Eddie Murphy) that mostly does comedic movies that requires him to be “chatty” and insert him to a movie where he is almost silent is genius.

He has to go straight to the point after years of chitter chatter.
It was a hard lesson to learn but finally got it right. Besides the weird part where he dies and lives a minute later, the movie is s definite must have.

People often say things they don’t mean and don’t realise that, that might be the only chance they have to say what matters. I think we should walk around with a sign saying “say what you need to say because I might not see you again”.

What would the world be like if people only said what they meant?

Depressed or Oppressed

This past year has been my hardest, trying to adapt to the world that needed one to be independent and strong.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all of those things but because I want to be strong I tend not to deal with issues as they arise but I usually tuck them away safely and hope they don’t appear. I usually dealt with my academics that’s it.

My social life is rather sketchy but I have pretty good friends who give great moral support.

With everything almost going right,   time and again I would feel overwhelmed. Either the day would be too happy or too sad. Couldn’t deal with those sudden changes. Simple tasks began to weigh on me. Didn’t know what was the cause and I wasn’t intending on finding it. Just like all the other problems I tucked it away.

But now I would have repeated episodes of me loosing my grip on reality and not knowing what to do. Not feeling emotions began to be a regular thing. “Don’t feel it, conceal it”.
Whatever was going on, I made it a priority to keep it a secret. I made occasional excuses like, “I don’t get that chapter” or “what’s up with the weather these days?”

I had all those emotions in a jar and I being a little person in the jar trying to get out. Drowning in my own problems, what a mess I made. Was I depressed or oppressed?

It was time to deal with them. So I did it the only way I know how. The use of pen & paper. Wrote everything I thought was a problem and saw a solution & what I wanted to come out of it. You can say after that session I was feeling much better.

Those pages with my stories I burned. Appearantly its supposed to be therapeutic. Now I’m happier and resolving any problem I might have now.