Lessons in cartoons Teens need to know

I watched my favourite all time childhood show, Barney & Friends. I love the scene at the end where they sing the song but that’s not why I’m writing.

How many times have your friend/s said you have abandoned them? Told you they miss you?

That many times huh? I know, it has happened to me. Between my studies and doing extramural activities it meant that I had less time to socialise, which left some of my friends from my old school feeling neglected but that wasn’t intentional. It just happened that time wasn’t on my side…. Some of us, unfortunately, still need to work on our time management skills.

Back to the story, (Some of the characters in the show I forgot their names so I’m improvising. Forgive me).

Timmy and Tom were best friends, spent most of their sunny afternoons together until one day new people moved in next door so that meant there were  new children to play with. Timmy and Tom met with with the child that was new in town, his name was Chris. After spending some time together they realised that Chris had more things in common with Timmy than Tom which ultimately meant that Chris and Timmy were to spend more time together.

With the new found friendship, Tom felt very lonely and started resenting Timmy for preferring to spend time with Chris than him. That’s when Barney came and explained that even though Timmy spent time with Chris that didn’t mean he  valued their friendship any less.

Moral : Don’t go ballistic because your friends don’t spend as much time with you as they did whilst you were all in the same school. Times change, memory fades but friendship is forever.

I love you. You love me. We’re a happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Wont you say you love me too.

Roandi@best (I’m sweet like that)

roandi @ her best!!!


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