Dissecting the root of successful part2/ Finale

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Dissecting the root of being successful Part 1

This piece was inspired after I had a conversation with a close friend of mine. The things they said hit close to home and it really upset me and made me wonder.

Do you think family support influences ones success or ability to succeed? Keep that question in mind As you read this.

I am trying to understand the root of success so this is what I know about most successful people:

1. Hard workers/Smart workers
2. Goal Orientated
3. Persistent
4. Optimistic
5. Self belief (Confidence)

Let me expend on these 5 qualities.

1. Hard / Smart Workers.
There is a mouthful on this but we all know it. We’ve been drilled about working hard/smart in school so its no stranger to our territory.

2. Goal Orientated.
They know what they want. How to get it and are time bound. They ensure they see it through to the end even if the time elapses they will complete it.

3. Persistent.
We all know this one. No obstacle is too great for this being to overcome and achieve their goal. “No Retreat, No Surrender”.

4. Optimistic.
They approach a challenge with the a positive attitude. Nothing beats positive energy.

5. Self Belief.
This is the most important of them all. You cant do something if you don’t believe in your own abilities, I once read some where that “What you put into the universe is what you get back” so that means if you don’t believe in yourself why would some else do what you fail to do?
Self Belief also works hand in hand with Confidence, you cant have one without the other.

That’s my observation of the successful people that surround me. Again here’s the question: Do you think family support influences ones success or ability to succeed? Could there be other factors that influence ones success or ability to succeed? And if so, what are those?
Leave your comments below so we can further dissect the roots of success.

roandi @ her best!!!

Dear diary owner

a letter from a distressed diary to its owner.

Dear Owner

I regret to inform you that I am out of pages. Trust me when I say that I am relieved that I am out of pages, I’ve seen & read things no human could bare to hear and live another day to tell the tale.

Lets start with the first issue. You’ve never written a single happy moment, ever! I’ve only experienced rainy or stormy days, the worst was when you came home depressed. Man would I get an “inking“, get it? when humans are mad they give each other beatings, since I am a book, I get an inking. Sometimes you would throw me across the room, on the lighter side, it made me feel like I could fly but thee bad side is that I crash landed. To take you out of your curiosity I have a lame sense of humour, in this unpredictable industry one needs a sense of humour to be able to get by.

I’ve heard you singing along to sad songs as your tears dropped onto my clean beautiful pages and smudging ink all over. Sometimes you tore pages out or pressed onto the page so hard, if I were human I’d bleed. But I complain mostly of your bad singing, girl are you out of tune, you’re overqualified for wooden mic.

Look, I know its my job but I cant handle to be used in such a vulgar manner! I mean I know I was purchased at a particular price but the more you use me the more valuable i become because of the precious information I possess.

Anyway, my pages are finished and I have no good memory of us. So I advise you that please write all your emotions, good or bad. It will make things easier for you and your new diary.

With Love