If Monday was a part of the weekend

So everybody keeps complaining about Mondays, they even dubbed it “blue Monday” .  I mean honestly, even I am guilty of having a bad day on Monday and wished I could just sleep in.

Here’s a thought, what if Monday was part of the weekend? Tuesday would be the “new” Monday. You would dread waking up early to go to work after an epic weekend. And again it would be a blue Tuesday. Hmm where have I heard that description before, blue?  

If you think that’s bad news, I’ve got more for you. You would have shorter working days, meaning less working hours, meaning it’s time to kiss that 6digit monthly salary goodbye. Unless you work overtime.

Here’s the best part, we would hate Tuesday as much as we dreaded Monday, and began to wish, again, that Tuesday was another day of the weekend than we’d hate Wednesday and so forth. We would reach a point where, if wishes came true, we wouldn’t have any week left.

So here’s the problem, its not the days of the week that are “blue” but our ATTITUDES towards starting a new working week. Complaining about Monday isn’t going to make it go away. But if we have a major change in our perspective of Mondays, our lives would be so much easier. If you’re wondering why I say that than you haven’t taken a drive on a Monday morning at peak hours, they drive like maniacs

Embrace Mondays. Life wouldn’t be the same without our dearest blue Monday.




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