The heart that speaks

story of a talking heart.

Humans are weird creatures, believe me. For instance, my host roandi, she put me through hell and one day I decided to return the favor. But first let me tell you what she put me through…

She let go of the ones that loved her and loved those that left her. She loved the ones that loathed being with her and that made her weep and of cause it left me with pains, they call it a heart ache.

She loved the ones that never loved her back or loved the ones that weren’t interested. That’s when she started listening to all sorts of music but the one song was Out Of My Limit by 5 Seconds of Summer or 5SOS.

By now I was tired of all the silliness that I sent a message to her conscious that I was suffering, but it never took notice until one faithful day when a piece of me broke off. The agony! minutes later I saw roandi fall to her knees. A piece of me was relieved that finally she heard me, but was sad that it had to be so drastic.

Since that day, she never loved another. I’ve recovered fully but now I’m lonely, and she is miserable. Buried in her work and her novels. She barely goes out or meets up with friends. She has isolated herself from love because I was tired of being a punching bag.

Because of me, she has given up on love. Because of me, she wont have the butterfly feeling. Because of the heart that spoke. Because of me my host is suffering.

A story of a lonely talking heart…




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