Guides on using the dictionary

In this day and age of growing technology, peoples skills of doing certain things has changed.

Here’s a list of things I feel we don’t as good anymore:
1. Spelling
2. Proper verbal communication
3. Writing skills (essays, poetry)

But back to the situation at hand, the use of a dictionary. We all know there are various definitions to words and they can be used differently and it seems people don’t fully understand that.

Just like there is a figurative way  and literal way of using words. Let me tell you of a time when I used the word “intimate” in public, describing the relationship between me and my then best friend Paul. People automatically thought we were having sexual relations together and that really upset me so much and also put me in an awkward situation trying to elaborate on what I had said.

My advice to you is: read the entire definition, all the nouns, adjectives & verbs so you can be in a position to understand better and not jump the gun.



Early in the morning one hopes for a better day. Midday can either mean the high point or low point of ones day and the mood before night time is determined by the drive home.

All I see from that is an entire day full of choices. So when one is mad its their choice because you let the bad thing to influence how you feel rather than letting it not affect you at all.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying be ignorant, I’m saying handle the situation better in order for you to have the best and positive outcome for you!

Choose to be happy in every situation. No situation is without the bad and again no situation is without good.