How far are you willing to be influenced by family feuds

I had dream last night, in that dream I saw my future. I saw how my last days would be…

Family means everything to me. I know every family has its own feuds but they never destroy the family. But this feud did.

There I was old, wrinkled and on my death bed. My kids & grandkids around me with woe in their eyes. They asked a question that left me tearful…. “Where is your family?”  I had no answer, for I had lost touch with them decades ago.

As soon as they left, I got up and looked in the mirror, seeing my reflection I gave out a loud sob, how on earth did I get further away from those I used to consider my everything. I thought back but my memory was blur. Then I looked back at the mirror see my reflection again but what I saw was something else…

There I was, 27years younger. The me from before. The disappointment in her eyes was so fiery of what I could’ve prevent. The words she said to be pained my heart: “are you happy all alone? Is this the kind of life you want to leave behind for you children? Lost in the world because you let a family feud to define the rest of your life and now here you are, taking your last breath with no one to hold your hand. Tell me was keeping your pride worth all of it? If you answer no to any of my questions than here’s the bad news, its too late to fix it” then my image fades away & only a wrinkled face is starring back at me.

Went back to lay in my bed, and with a heavy heart I took my last breath then I woke. What a nightmare I said, cuddled my teddy and went back to bed. But man I was puzzled by that dream. At least I’m not old, I thought.
There is still time to fix things & be a happy family.

Never let family feuds influence your decisions of your own future.


Feeling helpless and alone

Looking at the current condition of this place that I am in it’s a disaster. Can it get any worse than this? I mean majority of the youth has given up all hopes of having a better life.

From a young female perspective falling pregnant before you are financially stable is irresponsible and inconsiderate. Technically ┬áspeaking who is going to look after the one you brought to this world? will you still want to further your studies? what will your long-term goals look like? you can not think of yourself, but for the young one too, your plans need to include them…

I guess sometimes we just don’t do whats best for us in the long-term, or rather we don’t see how our actions could affect our long-term goals. What can one do to change the mindset of our beloved youngsters…