Ladies… I may have a break through

You know that regular question that nobody seems to answer, why men cheat. I may have a theory…

The reason why men cheat is because of woman! Yes you heard me, I said Woman. Woman are the reason why men cheat. Let me explain how it works…

It is in our nature to protect what we care for, our men included. So when something alien enters our terrain and we generally feel threatened and forced to protect even though its not necessary. Basically because of that one event, we are forever on guard and that’s when insecurity comes through.

Then the nagging and questioning begins. We become suspicious and we are filled with negativity and that negative energy isn’t what the men want, hence leads him to the hands of another woman. So you get how it works right? Shocking right? Yeah its quite unbelievable to me too

There are, of cause other reasons (lust) but hey we can’t know all the reasons to why men cheat.


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