History of South Africa or PAIN?

As a country we have been through some stuff, by comparison it’s not so bad but internally it is. From colonization to apartheid than to Freedom. Every year on a certain date we look back and celebrate everything we have accomplished. Then, the learners at Rhodes start protesting instead of studying. what exactly is their problem I didn’t know because I heard on radio whilst I was half asleep and half drinking coffee. Than a week passed and they painted some other statues in Pretoria and it hits me, too hard if you ask me. I sat and wondered and of cause these statues are a part of our not so peaceful history but why are we destroying them? or even considering to remove them? The message that we are sending out is that even the statues of the heroes should be removed as well I mean they too are part of that history, so if you are going to remove a part of the chain, why not remove the entire chain?

In my opinion they are trying to remove a part of history or trying to rewrite it and forget that whole chapter. I mean think about it… When you speak of South Africa there is no way you can not speak of the late, great Nelson Mandela or about apartheid so the statues are important. I say they must concentrate on something different and leave those monuments alone. We all have our perspectives and this is mine, someone, somewhere might feel that the removal of the statues is a good idea.


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