Rules to help you out when you are done with high school.

Its been only 3months and 3weeks since I’ve been out of high school but I know a few rules to survive.

1. Make friends.
This will help you in different ways, like becoming friendlier and for information so they will be like your resources to certain things hence its important to make many friends in many divisions. And remember don’t be self-absorbed!

2. Be in tune with what’s happening in the news.
I mean who knows you might meet up with a stranger and start conversation than opportunity might arise from that. #think smart.

3. Smile.

Well so far that’s all I know. I’m sure there’s probably many more.



I was in a taxi going back home, and in front of me a mother had her child in her arms. So technically the baby was facing me and I looked at her. Such innocence, she could’ve been a year old with black eyes sparkling like the night sky…  When you’re faced with purity you just fade away to this magnificent beauty of the child’s innocence. A cloud of relief came over me as stared straight into the naive eyes of the little girl. Does such pureness still exist within the elders? Or are they full of negative energy to even be good…
I was at peace, for that 15min
drive, all was completely great. No pain. No worries. The child made me feel so complete.
I wonder…

Finding out where you belong

It’s not easy to find a place that you entirely belong. Finding friends. Growing up &  growing old. Starting your road to independence.

I have a wish to be a writer but what am I  doing about it? Alright I’m blogging, what else? Absolutely nothing, and I am not studying journalism because that’s not what I want. I want to write even if it’d not on a subjective level but objective as well.

Plan of action, find out how can one write for a certain company without the required qualifications. My journey to success is about to start

Thou Shalt have no Statues

Well written piece, gets a person thinking…

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“First Rhodes, now they’ve defaced Gandhi as well.” Gertruida sighs as she folds the newspaper. “Called him a racist, and poured paint over the statue. I know he used the maligned K-word, but so did the rest of the world in the 20’s. I’m not saying it’s right, but context is important. There is no question that racism was the norm in earlier times – it is not logical to apply today’s norms to the years when the world still struggled with the concept of equality.”

“It is strange,” Boggel adds, “that races have taken such a long time – centuries – to get to this point in time. Even now the system is flawed. Previously, Whites were in charge. Now the pendulum has swung the other way.”

“But why use skin colour to define identity? Look at us – we’re a mixed lot. Sammie is a Jew…

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South Africa…

South Africa, A nation of many colours.
South Africa, A united nation.
South Africa, A place of harmony and peace.
South Africa, A place where everyone smiles and is friendly.

Then April 2015 came….
South Africa, A place of chaos.
South Africa, A place where killings occur.
Those friendly people start harassing their fellow Africans.

South Africa, a place of harmony isn’t harmonic anymore.
The smiles have disappeared.
South Africa where unity once had a meaning.
South Africa a place where the word “compassion” has lost its meaning.

South Africa a nation of lost souls

Ladies… I may have a break through

You know that regular question that nobody seems to answer, why men cheat. I may have a theory…

The reason why men cheat is because of woman! Yes you heard me, I said Woman. Woman are the reason why men cheat. Let me explain how it works…

It is in our nature to protect what we care for, our men included. So when something alien enters our terrain and we generally feel threatened and forced to protect even though its not necessary. Basically because of that one event, we are forever on guard and that’s when insecurity comes through.

Then the nagging and questioning begins. We become suspicious and we are filled with negativity and that negative energy isn’t what the men want, hence leads him to the hands of another woman. So you get how it works right? Shocking right? Yeah its quite unbelievable to me too

There are, of cause other reasons (lust) but hey we can’t know all the reasons to why men cheat.

If that hadn’t happened…

We all have that particular day that if that day was to be magically removed, our lives will be completely different. Let me tell you about my day…

It was on the 23rd of September 2012, the day my life changed forever, the day I got raped. The funny thing I like saying about that day is: “that was the best day of my life” and people don’t get the entire picture of why I say so. They think I’m absurd, they say that it was supposed to be the worst day and of cause it was but as time went on I realized it was a blessing in disguise.

The month before, specifically on the 4th of August I met a wonderful young man by the name of Andani who changed my perspective on life. And when I told him what had happened he felt awful, and told me to express myself or go see a counselor. I didn’t go to see the counselor but i did the one thing I knew would make me feel over the top. I wrote. I expressed every emotion that was in me clearly and vividly. The feedback I got from him was shocking, he actually loved it and said I must just continue doing what I was doing. And I did, and never looked back since that day.

So you see, If i hadn’t been raped, I wouldn’t have remained contact with the one person that encouraged me to continue writing, and guess what? you wouldn’t be reading this…